(A detailed programme will be published on the first week of October)


Wednesday, October 25th

20.00 h                 Meeting at Praza do Obradoiro for a Visit to the Old Town

22.00 h                 Meeting for a beer at (place to be determined)


Thursday, October 26th

9.00 h             Registration

9.30 h             Welcome Speeches

10.00 h           1st Keynote Speaker

                         D. Foray. “Smart specialization strategies and less-developed regions”

11.00 h           Coffee break

11.30 h           1st Parallel Sessions (4x4)

13.00 h           Lunch

14.30 h           2nd Keynote Speaker

                         R. Rabellotti. “Multinationals and regional development: evidence from Europe”

15.30 h           2nd Parallel Sessions (4x4)

17.00 h           Coffee break

17.30 h           3th Parallel Sessions (4x4)

19.00 h           End Session 1

20.30 h           Conference Dinner


Friday, October 27th

9.30 h             3rd Keynote Speaker

R. Dahl Fitjar. “The role of universities in regional innovation. The case of less-developed regions”

10.30 h           4th Parallel Sessions (4x4)

12.00 h           Coffee Break

12.15 h           5th Parallel Sessions (4x4)

13.30 h           Concluding remarks

13.45 h           Lunch